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Transformed Working Life (TWL)
Equipped to walk with God in the workplace

TWL Study notesAcross the nations, God is calling people to present their working lives to Him as a living sacrifice. This is a walk of faith requiring our willingness to relinquish the worldly ways of thinking in which most of us have been trained . . . Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Transformed Working Life (TWL) is a Bible based training programme designed to equip Christians for this walk of faith at work. Fundamental to Transformed Working Life is the belief that the call to marketplace employment is just as much a call of God as is the call to pastor a church.

Through teaching, prayer and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, delegates find a release into a new understanding of what it means to be yoked to Jesus and to see His Kingdom come in the workplace.

Transformed Working Life has been taught around the world with many testifying to its practical application to the business.

Just some of the subject that will be covered

Called to Work Breaking down the sacred/secular divide that often exists and seeing the truth that work is a valid calling.
No One Can Serve Two Masters Addressing the issue of serving money, Babylon and the flesh versus the command to serve God alone.
Stewardship Recognising we are stewards not owners and examining how it applies to work and business.
Building the Business Establishing how a Christian business philosophy differs from the worldly motivation for being in business.
Faith at Work Understanding what faith is, how it works and how to operate in faith.
Rest at Work Unlearning worldly working habits & pitfalls, replacing them with the reflex to 'tap into God' at all.
Chosen to be Fruitful Jesus has chosen us to be fruitful. What does this mean and how does it apply to our lives?
Anointed Like Him We have the same anointing that Jesus had when he walked this earth. How does this impact our work?
and more! 

TWL is delivered in seminar weekends and is also available on video.

If you want further information contact John Elliot and fill out form.


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