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Shelly and June Volks Testimony

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 Shelly Volks - Teaching the meaning of Hineni


Israel  and  the  Church  in  the End Times” 

A  most  Enlightening  Seminar 

With  Special  Guest  Speakers 


Shelly  and  June  Volk 

From  Phoenix,  Arizona,  U.S.A. 


Shelly and June are Messianic believers and will be sharing their Life Changing Testimony and introduction of a 3 Session Teaching on   “ Israel and the Church in the End Times.”  

Shelly & June served as leaders of “ Ben Israel Ministries ” with Art Katz, in a world wide teaching ministry for 8 years.  

Before being called as Pastors of Paradise Valley Church,  Phoenix, Arizona in 1985.   

Also hosted and preached on Radio & Television Programs called “ For Zion’s Sake”. 

Waikaka  Room,  James  Cumming  Wing,  GORE. 

Saturday 8th   September  10am – 5pm. 


  Seminar  Timetable: 


Cost: Free 

Donation for our Speakers: 


Morning Tea                -       10.00 am 

Session One                -       10.30am 

Lunch Break                -       12.00   (not provided) 

Session Two                -       1. 30pm 

Afternoon Tea             -        3.00pm  

Session Three             -       3.30pm 

Finish around               -       5.00pm 


Sponsored  by ICCC 


Had very positive comments from the event 



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